HMP Originals

HMP Originals | Bought Here, Serviced Here, Traded Here


The most reliable, highest quality pre-owned car, truck or SUV available in the Exeter and London, Ontario area is one listed under the HMP Original Series. 


An HMP Original vehicle is a in-stock pre-owned vehicle that was purchased new, serviced, and traded at Huron Motor Products. 
When looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, if you notice a vehicle marked as an “HMP Original” you can be rest assured that you will have full transparency into the history of the vehicle. Since it was bought new, and always serviced at HMP, all records of the vehicle would have been kept at Huron Motor Products throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. This has helped keep the vehicle in its best condition. The previous owner has recently traded it back into the dealership, and would have recently been re-detailed to be sold to its next new owner.

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