Demo Vehicles For Sale

Demo Vehicles For Sale at Huron Motor Products


Have you ever dreamed of buying a new car at a used car price? If so you've dreamed about owning a HMP Dealer Demo. At Huron Motor Products we offer a wide variety of "New" vehicles with big discounts because of a low KM reading on the odometer.

What is a "Demo" vehicle?

"Demo" is short for demonstrator. At Huron Motor Products many of our employees drive New vehicles from our lot for advertising exposure purposes around town. Employees drive a New vehicle for a set amount of time or KM reading and then jump into a different new vehicle to drive.

What is the difference between a "HMP Demo" and a "Used" vehicle?

Dealer demos are only used for supervised test drives or driven by trusted dealership employees that ensure the vehicle stays in "New" condition. A HMP Demo is never registered to an owner and the few thousand KMs that are put on the vehicle are documented at the dealership.

What is the benefit of purchasing a "Demo" vehicle?

When you purchase a Dealer Demo you get the best of both worlds. You get a vehicle that is still considered "New" for a price that makes it seem too good to be true. Dealer demo vehicles are eligible for all of the same GM new vehicle incentives that a normal new vehicle is eligible for, plus the dealer demo discount that we're giving on top of the vehicle.